From within your account:

  • Select Numbers
  • Select on your number
  • Select Voicemail & Text
  • Select the drop down menu for Ring my phone, then send calls to VM after
  • Select an option
Voicemail Selections
  1. Never - VM off - Voicemail is off and calls will route to the voicemail of the number to which you are forwarding.
  2. Immediately - This will send callers immediately to the NumberBarn voicemail.
  3. Seconds - Select a set amount of seconds to ring to your forwarding number. After that time period, if there is no answer, we will forward that call to NumberBarn voicemail.

Please Note: You may have to test the number of seconds to ring based on your existing voicemail service. For example: If you are forwarding to your cell phone, 30 seconds may be too long and your cell phone's voicemail will capture the call before we can send it to your NumberBarn voicemail.